Kurtzberg Award Winners Announced

In 1987, Dr. Larry Kurtzberg was the first president and founding member of the Camera Club of Hilton Head Island.  Twenty seven years later our club has almost 175 members. After Dr. Kurtzbergs’ death, the Kurtzberg Memorial Award was established in 1998, in his honor, to recognize students from Hilton Head Island High School enrolled in the Visual Arts Department Photography courses. For the past 16 years the Camera Club has been recognizing students at Hilton Head High.  Thankfully, with the interest and input of Ms. Patty Schoelkopf-Lewis the awards were presented again this year.

Dr. Kurtzberg’s perspective in life in general, and photography in particular, was unique.  He had a rare sense of humor and a love of people that brought impact to his photography, and a smile to the face of his audience.  The award is offered annually for Excellence in Photography.

Our Kurtzberg Award recipients receive certificates, monetary awards, and have their images framed.  The images are displayed at the Camera Club’s annual Low Country through the Lens exhibit, at the Coastal Discovery Museum, at Honey Horn and they are also displayed throughout the year at the LENS clubhouse in Pineland Station.

The Kurtzberg had 41 entries this year, up about ten from last year, and the entries were so good our judges struggled to select the top images.  We added 3 honorable mentions this year because of how close the point totals were.

Out of a possible total of 50 points, the three honorable mentions, tied at 36 points.  The recipients are:

Kendra Rabon (recipient last year) “Bring the Horizon”

Karina Magana   “Thinker”

Reiley Bozeman   “Longing for You”

The third place award, with 37 points, and a check for $100.00 go to Reiley Bozeman for “Washed Away”.

Second place with 40 points and a check for $150.00 go to Emily Hunter for “Robo”.

And first place, with 45 points, and a check for $200.00 go to Elizabeth Tedesco for “Footprints in the Sand.”