Lowcountry Through the Lens Exhibition

This is the seventh annual exhibition at the Coastal Discovery Museum. and will run from February 11-March 30.  The Opening Reception will be held from 5-7 p.m. on February 11,  It is free and open to the public.

GALLERY TALKS by expert club members will be presented in the Sea Island Room on Saturday mornings from 10:30-noon as listed below.  These are also  free and open to the public.


Feb 21 – Photographing Birds and Much More by Jerry Griffin

Come and learn about Bluebirds…those wonderful patches of blue that fly    through our gardens.  We will discuss what you can do to have them in your yard, their life cycle and how to photograph them…and other small birds.


Feb 28 – Rust as Art by Bill Schmitt

Each year some of the finest automobiles in the world come to Hilton Head Island. The fully restored and highly polished beauties are a sight to behold.  Most  had fallen into a state of disrepair before their current condition, yet, there is true  beauty in them even in that state.  Through his series, “Before the Restoration”,  Bill Schmitt will share with you the beauty that can be found in “Rust as Art”.  In  addition to the photos, the techniques and tools used to capture and create the images will be discussed.  Included will be HDR (High Dynamic Range) and the use of filters and plug-ins to enhance the Photoshop and Lightroom processes.


Mar 7 – Using Weather in Photography by Robert Rommel

Robert will discuss how to use the elements of weather to improve your  photography.  He’ll discuss what to look for,  photographic techniques to capture various types of weather, as well as how weather can improve a photo.  Some of  the weather phenomena that will be discussed include clouds, storms, wind, rain, snow and lightning.


Mar14 – Take control of Your Photos,  Shoot Manual byTom Calanni

Your DSLR camera probably has tons of buttons and menus.  So why do most folks  generally limit their choices to those that read “AUTO”?  In any of the automatic  modes, like “Program” (P), the camera is choosing at least one of those settings  for you based on a guess as to what it thinks you like.  Get the most from your camera.  Learn to use Manual mode (M) on your DSLR, for it’s one of the best ways to help take your photography to the next level.   By using Manual Mode in tandem with settings like Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and ISO, you’ll be   able to create the images you want – not what the camera wants.  Make Manual  Mode the mode you go to automatically.