Details on Submitting Photos for the Hilton Head Book

CAMERA CLUB OF HILTON HEAD Book Collaboration Fund-raiser
Proceeds benefit Camera Club of Hilton Head Scholarship
Lydia Inglett Publishing partners with Camera Club of Hilton Head for NEW fund-raising Hilton Head Book!
·       Call for entry open exclusively to Camera Club of Hilton Head members.
·       When published, Camera Club of Hilton Head receives 25% of each book CCHH sells.
Award-winning publisher Lydia Inglett Publishing | Starbooks is currently seeking your best landmark, water, beach and nature shots that capture today’s Hilton Head Island including rivers, marshes and wildlife. This new Hilton Head Island book is a collection of text and images presented in a high-quality coffee table book that will present the unique beauty of our area and the passion of those who inhabit and enliven this area.
1.     Select up to ten (10) hi-res photos to submit.
2.     Complete the Photography Release form and list the file name of those ten photos.
3.     Visit to begin uploading.
•       Upload the hi-res photos you listed on your Photography Release form.
•       Upload your Photography Release form.
•       Upload your bio of 100-200 words.
•       Upload your color headshot using the same link.
Book Cover: Throughout the photo editing process, we will be looking for our cover image. That standout, attention getting, stunning, cover image — so send us your best!
We will inform you if chosen during the month of April. If you have any questions, please email us at:
BOOKS: Receive one complimentary book for each full-page photo used.
SCHOLARSHIP: For each book sold by the Camera Club of Hilton Head, 25% of the price will be donated to the CCHH Scholarship Fund.
•       A 100-200 word biography with headshot and contact information will be included in the book.
•       Promotion on social media
•       Mention on our site as a contributing photographer with link to your web site
•       You will benefit from our advertising and promotion of the book
•      Contributors may purchase cases of books at wholesale to resell
The fine print: The copyright for all works exhibited in the new HILTON HEAD ISLAND book published by Lydia Inglett Publishing will remain the property of the photographer. It is a condition of entry that the photographer agree unconditionally that Lydia Inglett Publishing / may reproduce the photographs in the book and for any marketing and promotion purposes and that you as the photographer confirm that the images are free of any other copyright or usage rights.