2016 – 2017 Holiday Party

We missed you if you didn’t make it, and this is a little of what you missed!   It was a fun evening with good food and drink, games and prize drawings, and the People’s Choice Award with the theme “Veins”. Thanks to John Parsons. Natalie Nelson, Mary Greenwell, Linda Bange, Rich Daley, Fred Chitty, Fran Hubbell,Donna Varner, and Jean-Marie Cote for all their good help in pulling this party together.  Enjoy these photos from Donna!  

  • Welcome
  • Socializing
  • Fun Interaction
  • Door Prize Tickets
  • Natalie Starts the Drawing
  • Picking a Winner
  • A Winner - Jean Marie
  • Stealthy Suzi Trying Hard
  • She Made Them Say No
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  • Peoples Choice Winner-Natalie Nelson
Welcome1 Socializing2 Fun Interaction3 Door Prize Tickets4 Natalie Starts the Drawing5 Picking a Winner6 A Winner - Jean Marie7 Stealthy Suzi Trying Hard8 She Made Them Say No9 People Choosing Peoples Choice10 Peoples Choice Winner-Natalie Nelson11
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