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In May and June of this year CCHHI and the Coastal Discovery Museum will co-host an educational photographic 80 image exhibition of the Lowcountry’ s history, culture and ecology. The call for entries is scheduled from February 1 through March 15. For the purpose of this exhibit the term Lowcountry is defined as Beaufort and Jasper Counties. The themes of the exhibit will be People, Places and Things in the past and present. CCHHI has conducted photographic field trips to historic sites and events to ensure that members have had the opportunity to photograph the history and culture of the Lowcountry.

-Beginning February 1 we are asking members to submit up to five digital images so as to provide enough time to produce the exhibit. Please indicate on the registration form which theme each image belongs in. There is no need to wait until you have assembled all five images to submit them as a group. Feel free to send in one image at a time over the six week period as long as you don’t submit more than five total. These will be jpeg cropped to 11×14′ proportions. Please include a narrative describing where each was taken and other information including the meaning of the image, why it was taken, what it represents, feeling of the photographer etc.

-A panel of historians, ecologists and photographers will be assembled to select the best images to tell the complete story.The panel will also ensure that we avoid duplication such as 20 Great Blue Herons. Given the specificity of the theme and the uniform display, large format, canvas metal and other media will necessarily be excluded. Photos of “my recent safari or trip to Paris” will also be excluded.

-The CDM staff will produce the wall tag narrative for each image. CCHHI will print, mat and frame them. The museum will retain the prints after the exhibit closes.

– A $15 hanging fee will be charged per image selected to cover CCHHI’s portion of the reception and the exhibit such as printing, matting, advertising etc.

-The selected images will be offered for sale as bin art at $125 with 70% going to the photographer. This will be discretionary. If the photographer wants to be included in the bin art, an Additional $10 fee will be charged for the printing, mat and protective cover. Un-sold bin art will be returned to the photographer.

– An opening reception will occur on May 9 and details on that will follow.

-An exhibition paperback book of the images and text will be developed by CCHHI and offered for sale. 80 pages soft cover. CCHHI members will be asked to purchase the book in advance to develop an inventory to sell. After the exhibit the books will be available to the members who purchased them. If the books are sold, replacement books will be ordered for the members who purchased the advanced books. The target price will be $30-40.

-A series of gallery talks will be delivered throughout the exhibit in the Sea Island Room at the museum. They will be given by experts in one of the themes in the exhibition.

Ideas for photographs by theme:
People: Shrimpers, Oystermen, Gullah culture, Sweet grass basket weavers, military, celebrations and festivals.
Places: Shell rings, Santa Elena, Tabby Ruins, Zion Cemetery, Civil War Forts, Mitchellville, historic homes, Reconstruction Era sites, Light houses, African American Churches, Praise house, Campbell AME church in Bluffton, Church of the Cross in Bluffton, Beaufort, Bluffton, Daufuskie
Things: Marshes, beaches, Pluff Mud, Birds, animals, reptiles, insects, horses, food.

Throughout the year the Members’ work can be seen at exhibitions in the area.
Among the regular events are:

  • Coastal Discovery Museum Exhibition – – each year in the Spring
  • HHI Public Library Exhibit – each year in the early Fall – 2017 September
  • Periodically at the Camera Club facility – Osher Life Long Learning Center Coming March 25, 2017 until  TBA.